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Beautyberry Forever Stamps - Pack of 5

Beautyberry Forever Stamps - Pack of 5

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Five Beautyberry Genuine Forever Stamps
Issued: September 17, 2019
Scott Catalog #5417

5 Mint, unused postage stamps with original gum as issued by the Post Office. These stamps are genuine and valid to use as postage for current mailing. Be sure to use enough total postage to meet the current postal rate for the item you are mailing.

Great for special mailings like weddings, birthdays, valentines, and events. Also good to use for scrapbooking or displaying in a small picture frame. It's a miniature work of art.

About this stamp:
From September to October, a variety of songbirds and other animals can be found feasting on American beautyberries. Some of these species include white-tailed deer, squirrels, foxes, and armadillo, in addition to songbirds such as cardinals, finches, mockingbirds, and more. Each of these animals plays an important role in scattering the seeds of the American beautyberry and ensuring its continued survival. In addition to being a good food source for animals and a colorful backyard plant, the American beautyberry has another use. When crushed, the plant's leaves are known to be an effective mosquito and biting fly repellent. It just goes to show that, even though it is known for its beauty, this plant is great for many other reasons, too.


1 inch by 7/8 inch

How To Apply

Self-Sticking: Peel and Stick.

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