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Themed Postage Stamps Designer
Stamp Collector and Dealer for 50+ years

I have been a stamp dealer of early U.S. Postage stamps for collectors since 1973. Over the years I have accumulated a huge inventory of postage stamps that have been issued by the Post Office. I have always used old postage stamps when mailing items to my customers.

One of my daughters suggested that I sell these vintage stamps by topic or theme for creative and artistic people to use for special mailings such as Weddings, Save the Dates, Birthdays, Christmas cards, Art Gallery exhibits, Sport events, and any number of other kinds of invitations to add that special touch so they stand out when received in the mail. I liked the idea since I'm a collector at heart and since I was a kid it was always fun to save the pretty stamps found on the home mail. I have a large selection of topics to choose from to fill custom orders or large mailings. Just let me know what you have in mind and I will do the best to fill your wish list.

My goal is to give creative individuals the opportunity to use "themed" topics displayed on vintage MINT unused US Postage stamps to personalize your letter, invitation or announcement. Say what you feel with stamps. Unused Mint stamps can also be used to make attractive jewelry items, scrap booking, or framed for presentation as a gift. Stamps are miniature works of art to be displayed creatively, the possibilities are up to you.

Contact me at remstamp@aol.com if you don't see a theme that you would like to use. I will work with you to design a custom combination of stamps that will closely match your desired theme. All of the stamps I sell in my store are valid for use as current postage for mailing as long as the total amount used meets the current postage rates.



Sarah Kate

Site Designer & Photographer

I have a degree in Art Education and many years experience as a fine arts and digital arts designer. As a lifelong member of a stamp collecting family, I have always enjoyed playing with these tiny works of art that the USPS puts out every year. I appreciate how each stamp is like a miniature art print, with its own story and purpose. Some stamps were issued to encourage conservation, commemorate people or places, and celebrate special anniversaries.

My goal is to introduce current and vintage U.S. Postage stamps to new audiences and build a new generation of stamp collectors and lovers. I will also be putting up 1st Day Covers, Postcards, old letters, used stamps for scrapbooking, and other stamp ephemera.